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I took Zoom for a free test drive, which gave me forty minutes of free service for each conference session with up to 25 of my colleges. Call it love at first byte. The intuitive ease of use is what first struck me as I created a meeting and invited my co-workers to join me for our weekly technology team meeting. We used GoTo Meeting and WebEx for many years to host our Tech Team meetings, so I wanted to see how a team reacted and used this new offering.

The first meeting was seamless. Everybody arrived on time with little to no waiting time on the simple download of the software client. Most are accustomed to the wait of five minutes or more for GoTo Meeting or WebEx to download, so this is a good experience. The sharp quality of the Hi-def video was astonishing as was the simple layout of the call: participants in small screens along the top of the client, with a larger version exposed when each person talks. The user interface design is straightforward, intuitive and elegant, as it should be for an Apple or Google product.

The desktop sharing was easy to browse and use whilst the recording feature was an easy process to figure out. Our technology team leader was in his car during the time of the call, so he pulled in a parking area in Menlo Park and found a Wi-fi Hotspot. He downloaded the Zoom application on iTunes and installed it on his iPad. Within a minute, he was on the call live in Hi-def while mobile. Again, the quality was stunning. The best thing we can say about Zoom was that the technology quickly disappeared into the background and the focus was on the conversation, not the product/service.

I was impressed by the quality of the Audio and Video. I had a second time Zoom meeting with a law firm in Miami. I really felt like sitting next to the person in the confernce room.

Other features they starting to use include Zooms capability to easily integrated with Dropbox, which allows for fast, just-in time collaboration while synchronizing our documents in real time and keep them up to date. We also record our meetings and sync with Dropbox, giving our geographically dispersed teams immediate access to the most recent info and thought processes.

The idea is to create job conferences that can be planned, either for daily/weekly meetings, or spontaneously, like for a field condition that requires immediate action. Utilizing the desktop version for inside the job trailer or mobile version in the field, Zoom is being positioned as a project based tool to create the environment for important fabrication decisions. Another distinctive feature is its capability to be easily incorporated into other Cloud services and products utilizing a technology called REST Application Programing Interface .

Room Manager for SharePoint

More than a meeting room booking system, Room Manager incorporates visitor, catering, equipment management & workplace booking software for a more efficient office. Try Room Manager for Office 365.

You can manage any resources like Meeting Rooms, Cars, Equipment, Catering, Visitors, Parking’s and Workspaces.

Outlook Add In enables the reservation of the resources through Microsoft Outlook. Mobile Apps are made with MS PowerApp Technology.

Meeting room scheduling is used to find and book free space for single- or recurrent meetings and events through sites and locations.

ROOM MANAGER is all about scheduling space and managing online bookings in a visual way. ROOM MANAGER offers unique scheduling features for spaces such as booking conditions by time, day, site and location. Designed to help venues and communities manage their space!

Smart technology enables effective management and planning of company meetings, makes company processes simpler and helps to use company space in a better way.


Room Manager is a web based meeting room booking a software solution that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different site, Location or even time zone. Room Manager effectively does away with the possibility of double booked rooms thanks to its efficient and advanced booking engine which checks for a given date and time if the resource like a Meeting room is free. With access by permission, your workforce can easily see what is available, where and when and book single or multiple rooms on the fly. Room Booking was never made easier. Room Manager as well includes tab based categories for any kind of resource you want to manage like cars, equipment’s, catering, workspaces, parking fields. You can invite attendees or send Outlook Meeting requests to the attendees. Approval Workflows can be easily configured to send the request to an approver, or manager.

Outlook Add In

Quickly and easily schedule conference rooms, equipment’s, caterings, and any kind of resources in Microsoft Outlook with Room Manager’s unmatched Microsoft Outlook Add In integration.


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Send meeting invites with Room Manager, search and book the meeting room from Room Manager. Every conference room with Zoom available, kann be filtered and listed.

Room Manager Search Result webpage.

Conference Room Display

The ROOM MANAGER Room Display does so much more than other conference room digital signage — because it’s powered by ROOM MANAGER Scheduling & Management.

Increase Visibility and Productivity

Get rid of analog conference room signs that need to be updated constantly. ROOM MANAGER conference room scheduling software, available for iPad or Android tablets, Windows Phone, shows availability at-a-glance. Employees can make reservations right from the meeting room display, making it easy to schedule a room on the fly while encouraging team collaboration.

Increment Visibility and Productivity

Dispose of simple gathering room signs that should be refreshed continually. ROOM MANAGER meeting room planning programming, accessible for iPad or Android tablets, Windows Phone, indicates accessibility initially. Workers can reserve a spot directly from the gathering room show, making it simple to plan a room on the fly while empowering group joint effort.

Put an End to Scheduling Headaches

What if there was a way to almost entirely eliminate complaints about meeting rooms not being available when they’re needed? ROOM MANAGER conference room schedule displays can help you put an end to scheduling headaches and keep meetings on track.

Powerful & Beautiful Room Displays

Simple Interface, Customizable Look

ROOM MANAGER meeting room display PowerApp for iPads and Android devices are totally customizable, with the option for design and layout that match your brand and company branding.