The Event Management Solution by Room Manager, designed for SharePoint and Office 365, offers a comprehensive and efficient tool for planning a wide range of events. This solution simplifies the process of organizing events, from department meetings to large-scale conferences and training sessions, making event planning enjoyable for all involved.

Key features of this solution include:

  1. Ease of Organizing Various Events: It supports the organization of diverse events like meetings, workshops, seminars, and training sessions. The process is streamlined, enabling quick scheduling with just a few simple steps​​.
  2. Simplified Invitation and Registration Process: Organizers can send invitations by email, and attendees are automatically registered upon acceptance. There’s also an option for online registration with a single click. A template is available for tracking all attendees, ensuring that the information is well-organized and easily accessible at any time​​.
  3. Integration with Microsoft Platforms: The solution is built for the cloud, specifically for SharePoint and Office 365, and utilizes Microsoft’s latest technologies like Power Apps and Microsoft Flow. This integration enhances its functionality and ease of use​​.
  4. Customizable Event Publishing: Organizers can publish events by selecting various parameters such as workshop type, course, trainer, catering, and parking spaces. It allows for filtering available trainers by location, date, and skills​​.
  5. Attendee Management: The solution provides a detailed overview of all registrations, participations, and cancellations, facilitating efficient management of events. Event management is further enhanced by the ability to include images in the event listings​​.
  6. Device Compatibility: The Room Manager can be used with any iOS or Android device, such as Apple iPads or Samsung Tablets, to display conference room information. These devices need only an internet connection to access the Room Manager site​​.
  7. Handling Overbooked Events: The solution offers a waiting list feature for events that reach their maximum capacity, allowing interested participants to queue for available slots​​.
Room Manager AI

Efficient Invitation and Attendee Management in Event Organization

Organizers can efficiently manage invitations and attendee registrations through email. Once an invitee accepts a meeting request, they are automatically registered for the event. The solution provides a centralized template for tracking all attendees, ensuring that their information is well-organized and easily accessible. This feature allows for convenient and timely access to a comprehensive list of attendees at any point.

Event Management

Copilot Webinars and Events

Publish the Event like any Event by selecting the Workshop, Course, Trainer, Catering, Parking Spaces etc. Select the available trainers by location, date and time. Filter by Skills.

Publish your Events

Copliot Training Microsoft

Manage your attendees, your events, Detailed overview of all registrations, Participations and cancellations to the event. All your events can be managed with an image in the Events list.

Digital Displays

Digital Signage Room Manager

Any iOS or Android based devices can be used like Apple iPad, Google Nexus or Samsung Tablets as a conference room Display. All you need is to connect your own iOS or Android based device over Internet to the ROOM MANGER site.

Booking Form

Outlook Plugin for Scheduling Meeting Rooms

Enrollment Date and Available Seats. Waiting list for fully booked events. Whenever the maximum number of participants is reached, the registration is closed. However, if you wish, you can allow users to put themselves on a waiting list.

All in One

Power Automate

Power Platform Integration

Copilot Integration with Microsoft Graph

Enrollment Date

Copilot Training Services

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