Intranet Mobile Solution for SharePoint and Office 365

Discover a new way to meet, work and get things done with SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner and the the enterprise platform for collaboration.

Ready-to-go intranet on Office 365 and SharePoint

Looking for an easy intranet with a cost-effective fixed price? Yep, that’s ACAR Intranet! The right tool for more effective working days.


Getting your intranet running couldn’t get any easier.  Simple to buy and fun to use!

Office 365 Compatible

100% perfect for your Office 365 ecosystem. Enjoy your digital workplace!

Social Intranet

Boost your employee engagement by all modern communication, social and collaboration features.

Stay Fresh

Keep your intranet evergreen. New updates every two months guarantee your intranet will never get old.

Tech Spec

Event Check-In

This conference room display setting cancels reserved meetings if no one checks in within a designated time frame so that others can utilize the space.

Broadcasts for Room Displays

Broadcasts allow the account administrator to choose to display a specific message on a device’s screen, like a personalized message to welcome visitors or celebrate a company milestone.

End Events Early

If your meeting ends early, use the room display to end your reservation early. That frees up the room for your coworkers to use for their last-minute meetings.

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Find out why successful companies like XXX, ABC, XXX and DDD are using XXX meeting tools and workplace analytics to improve how their people, places and technology work together.

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