Mazzum for SharePoint and Office 365 is an easy to use Idea Solution. With Idea Market and Gamification.

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With MAZZUM for SharePoint the management of your ideas becomes easy.
Idea management puts a structure to the process of collecting and capturing ideas within an organization or community.

Managing ideas may seem a strange concept to some. Do ideas need to be managed?
Surely if someone has a great idea they will tell the boss and it will be seized
upon and implemented straight away. And if it’s not implemented it means it was a
rubbish idea anyway, right?

All In One

Mazzum Main

Mazzum is more than just idea capturing, it is an All In One solution, out of the box for a successful idea management. Build on SharePoint and Office 365 it gives you all the beauty of the Microsoft Platforms. Extend the solution and integrate it with the Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow  and Microsoft Forms.

Mobile App

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The native Mobile App for iOS and Android devices allows you to search directly from your device for any ideas and challenges. The App synchronizes with the Mazzum Site. You can post new ideas and participate easily in the ideation process. Give comments. Vote and unvote for ideas and much more….(currently Beta)


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Gamification is the technical term for applying game-design characteristics to content and applications that aren’t games. Typical gamification elements include such things as achievement badges, achievement levels, leader boards, virtual currency, points that can be traded or cashed in and progress bars or other visual meters to encourage people to complete a task. (currently BETA)


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Search for ideas. Post ideas. Vote and unvote for ideas. Collect Points and Mazzum Coins. Pledge Money to the ideas and projects. Connect to social platforms. Leaderboard. Challenges and Campaigns. Mazzum Shop to redeem user points.

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