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Room Manager provides a user-friendly resource booking solution, making reserving various resources such as desks, meeting rooms, cars, catering, equipment, workspaces, and parking spaces effortless. This comprehensive platform streamlines the booking process, ensuring that all essential resources are readily available for a seamless and efficient work experience.

Cutting Edge Solution for Micosoft 365 and the Power Platform

Room Manager is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline room and resource booking in various environments, from corporate offices to educational institutions. It’s an intuitive, scalable platform that simplifies the process of managing meeting rooms, equipment, and other resources. By integrating seamlessly with tools like SharePoint and Office 365, Room Manager offers a centralized system for scheduling and organizing spaces and resources, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s for small team meetings or large corporate events, Room Manager ensures optimal utilization of resources, making the process of booking and managing spaces hassle-free and efficient.
Room Manager for Desk and Meeting room booking
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  1. Easy Booking of Rooms and Resources: Users can effortlessly book meeting rooms and resources like projectors or laptops through the platform.
  2. Integration with SharePoint and Office 365: Offers seamless integration, allowing for a unified experience within existing systems.
  3. Customizable Resource Allocation: Tailor resource availability and booking rules to match organizational needs.
  4. Advanced Reporting Tools: Gain insights into room and resource usage with detailed analytics and reporting.
  5. Mobile Accessibility: Access and manage bookings on the go, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

These features combine to make Room Manager a versatile, user-friendly solution for managing spaces and resources efficiently.

All In One

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Room Manager is more than just a room scheduling solution, it is an All In One solution, out of the box for resource management and booking. It is used to find any free resources like meeting rooms, cars, equipment, catering, and parking spaces, and invite the attendees and visitors.

Mobile App

Room Manager PowerApps

The native Mobile App for iOS and Android devices allows you to search directly from your device for any free resource for a given Site – Location – Event Date – Event Time. The App synchronizes with the Room Manager Site. Meeting Invites can be sent to all attendees. The Events can be updated and canceled as well.

Conference Displays

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Any iOS or Android-based devices, like Apple iPad, Google Nexus, or Samsung Tablets, can be used as a conference room Display. You only need to connect your iOS or Android-based device over the Internet to the ROOM MANAGER site.

Outlook Add In

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Quickly and easily schedule conference rooms, temporary offices, equipment, services, people, and any kind of resources in Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2103, and 2016 with Room Manager’s unmatched Microsoft Outlook integration.

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