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Meeting Room and
Resource Booking Solution

  • Meeting Room Management
  • All In One Solution
  • Workflows
  • Enterprise Keywords
  • Outlook Add In
  • Setup your Event invite your attendees
  • Mobile App
  • Conference Room Displays
  • Put Your Intranet into Pocket
  • Extend the solution with Power App and MS Flow
Room Manager Main Transp
Mazzum Main

Easy to use Idea Management Solution

  • Gamification Feature
  • Pointing and Rewarding System
  • Submit, Vote, Comment, Share and collect points
  • Start Campaigns, Challenges
  • Publish it to your organization—no app store required
  • Web and mobile. Laptops, tablets, and phones
  • Extend with PowerApp and MS Flow

Automate Meetings
and Tasks

  • Create Agendas
  • Assign Tasks
  • Invite the Attendees
  • Create a Meeting Site
  • Take Decisions, Notes
  • Collect meeting data and more
  • Track the progress
  • Work less, do more

Create and Assign

  • Create Tests
  • Assign Tests to users
  • Selfregistration
  • Leaderboard
  • Multiple Choice
  • Track Test Results
  • print Certificates
  • Send Test Results by Email
  • Put Your Intranet into Pocket
  • More than 10 Test Properties
  • Gamification
Quiz Manager Test Results

Easy to use

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