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Meeting Room and
Resource Booking Solution

Room Manager provides a user-friendly resource booking solution, making reserving various resources such as desks, meeting rooms, cars, catering, equipment, workspaces, and parking spaces effortless. This comprehensive platform streamlines the booking process, ensuring that all essential resources are readily available for a seamless and efficient work experience.

Room Manager: Easy Desk Reservation System
Room Manager with Interactive Floor Plan Feature

Interactive Floor Plan Booking

Room Manager’s Interactive Floor Plan booking feature revolutionizes how you manage and book resources within your workspace. Users can easily view the availability and location of desks, meeting rooms, and other resources by visually representing your office layout. This intuitive and user-friendly approach streamlines the reservation process, allowing employees to find and book the perfect workspace with just a few clicks. As a result, your organization can optimize space utilization, enhance collaboration, and boost overall workplace efficiency.

Manage your desks
and workspaces

Workspace management is a crucial aspect of modern office environments, especially in the age of flexible and hybrid work arrangements. It involves efficiently organizing, allocating, and utilizing shared workspaces, such as desks, meeting rooms, and other resources, to optimize productivity and employee satisfaction. Effective workspace management ensures that employees have access to the resources they need when they need them while also maximizing the use of available space and reducing overhead costs.

Room Manager is an innovative workspace management solution that streamlines the booking and allocation of shared resources. Room Manager simplifies managing workspaces with features like desk booking, meeting room scheduling, interactive floor plans, and integration with Office 365 and Outlook. He fosters a more collaborative and efficient work environment. By leveraging advanced technology and intuitive design, Room Manager empowers organizations to take control of their workspace management and create a more agile and adaptable workplace for their employees.

Desk and Conference Room Reservation Software by Room Manager

Outlook Add-In

The Room Manager Outlook Add-in brings seamless resource booking to your fingertips within Microsoft Outlook. This powerful integration lets users quickly and easily schedule conference rooms, room layouts, equipment, catering, and other resources directly from their Outlook calendar. The add-in ensures real-time synchronization between Outlook and Room Manager, providing users with up-to-date availability information and avoiding double bookings. By incorporating the familiar interface of Outlook into the booking process, employees can save time and improve productivity, making the Outlook Add-in an essential component of a comprehensive workspace management solution.

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