Visitor Registration App

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Visitor Registration App
Build with MS PowerApps

  • Visitor Registration App
  • Customizable with Logo
  • Customizable with Branding
  • Build with PowerApp
  • Build for iOS and Android and Windows
  • Checkin CheckOut
  • Let your visitors easily check in and check out
  • Extend the solution with Power App and MS Flow
Visitor Management Solution
Visitor registration App

Visitor Registration App is an innovative tablet-based visitor management Software build with Ms PowerApps

  • Share the PowerApp with your users
  • Simply install MS PowerApp from Itunes or Google Play
  • Start the PowerApp and let visitors connect to the Room Manager App
  • Use your own devices and connect to the App
  • Change the Logo and Colors with a single Mouse click
  • Web and mobile. Laptops, tablets, and phones
  • Extend with PowerApp and MS Flow

Sign In and Out with QR code

  • Send the QR code with the invitation email to the visitors
  • Visitor signs In and Out with the name
  • Visitors signs In and Out with QR code ode
  • The host is informed when sign-in / out
  • Runs on MS PowerApps
  • All visitor data is synchronized to the Room Manager Site
  • For Office 365
  • For SharePoint
  • Work less, Do more
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Room Manager’s visitor management system is a game-changer for professional environments, simplifying the often cumbersome process of managing guests. Here’s the scoop on what makes it tick:

  1. Effortless Invitations and Pre-registration: The system streamlines inviting internal and external meeting participants. Organizers can just pop in email addresses to automatically send out invites. This not only eases organizing meetings but also automatically updates the visitor’s details in the daily reception list, boosting overall visitor management efficiency​​.
  2. Interactive Visitor Registration with PowerApps: It’s all about a modern front desk experience. This feature, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, uses an iPad for sign-ins, which is not just cool but also ramps up security and compliance. Visitors can effortlessly sign in, enter their details, and sign necessary documents for a smooth and interactive experience from the get-go​​.
  3. Tailored Visitor Experience: Room Manager doesn’t just stop at basic functionalities. The platform offers a buffet of optional features to enhance the visitor management experience. These include signing NDAs, taking visitor photos, customizing branding, printing visitor badges, and sending host notifications. For an extra dash of simplicity, there’s also a QR Code sign-in option​​.

Room Manager’s visitor management system clearly offers a blend of efficiency, security, and customization, making it a solid choice for modern professional settings.

Room Manager Visitor Sign In App